Learning by investigation. In our lab we try to improve or adjust our filament constantly.  Customizing and improving characteristics is our daily business.

tm filament

TM Filament works.

Before we release a new product to the market we will extensive and thorough test the filament, the tm filament “Think/Make” proces.

our process

01 Research and development

Mostly in b2b market is a demand for specific filament for 3D solutions where standard filament on the market will not fulfill the needs. The Research department of tm filament will investigate the specific properties for the filament. Due to the results of this research a new compound will be engineerd for custom made filament.

02 Filament Production

Daily produces tm filament hundreds of kilos filament. tm filament produces also private label and specific filament for the b2b market. Because of the flexible machinery we can produce all common plastics on the filament market. See at products for more information about our filament.

03 Fulfilment

tm filament delivers private label to resellers as desired by the customer. Vacuum packaging or vacuum packaging in boxes combined with a leaflet.


1. Analyses of the demands

The costumer wants to use for her proces 3D printing, however the standard filament has not the complete required properties. For example extreme heat or just low heat, fire resistance or biodegradable. tm filament investigates the wishes and research if these wishes can be accomplished with one of the various types of plastic, also suitable for 3D printing.

5. Pre production (30 Kg)

The filament already has the required properties and is suitable for extruding to filament. A production run of dozens of kg gives us the needed experience of the workability and quality of the filament, and if it can meet the Fil-Q standard.

2. Preparation compound

The R&D team starts to work with the list of demand of the costumer. First the various standard plastics will be checked maybe with additives which give the desired (extra) properties. An workable compound will be extruded on to a first trial filament.


6. Final adjustments

Following up of the pre production run of the filament the production settings will be adjusted to achieve and guarantee the optimal quality.

3. Prototype Filament (5 kg)

In the lab facility of tm filament will the first meters of filaments be produced. To investigate if a correct filament can be made with the required properties and printability.

7. Commercial production

The custom made filament is ready for production. It complies to all demands and due to the Fil-Q label with over thirty checkpoints the new filament can be dispatched to the costumer.


4. Adjustments

Due to the outcome of the first results of the first kilogram of filament the next step will be a “GO or NO GO”. If necessary adjustments will be made to require the optimal quality of the desired filament.

8. Ongoing analysis

tm filament will continuously control the filament, its properties and workability and if necessary, accorded by the costumer, make adaptations.